Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A month later....

.... I finally have a chance to come back into the blogging world. My holidays were fun and RELAXING to say the least. Yesterday i began my hectic days of school again even though classes do not begin till next week my wonderful internship has begun. On a good note final semester of my bachelor career!!!!!!!!! Before we move forward lets just stop and think of all the wonderful things that happen during my break. I got to relax and sit at home doing absolutely nothing. I was able to decorate the house, decorate the gifts and finally go on a baking spree which I love and haven't been able to do so. I was even able to work for a FULL 6 hours back at my old job! HEY IT'S MONEY!!!! On Christmas eve BF and I went over to his dad's house and we indulged in the wonderful Cuban Christmas meal. On Christmas day woke up at dawn to some fresh brewed coffee and delicious warm croissant at BF mommy's house, opened some gifts there and off we went to my grandmother/aunt's house for more presents, afterward parents house to open our last set of presents eat lunch and relax before our 4 PM flight to Peru. Never would i have imagined how beautiful Peru really is until i saw it with my own eyes. Had an awesome time with BF and his family. (LIKE ALWAYS, LOVE THEM!) But fun always comes to an end a week after we arrived back in Miami to relax for the weekend and watch the dolphins loose :( lastly yesterday BF and I had our first 2009 dinner and a movie date. He took me to go see Marley and Me which i was wanting to go see really bad after i read the book, shed some tears but very lovely movie and had yummy sushi! Now to focus on a brand new year of fun and new experiences upon us. As for my new years resolution i have decided to spend less money which i have already broken when spending money on purchasing a partial plan for the Miami Heat for BF and I.



Anonymous said...

VERY BAD EXAMPLE ON THE MONEY SAVING! LOL :-D Your breaking mine on tickets for your graduation lol...its ok though hopefully I will make all that money during tax season overtime!

Anonymous said...

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