Friday, December 5, 2008

Peace and Quiet

WOW!!!! Well since my last inspiration i wrote about the chaotic weeks that i had coming and all i have to say now is that I was able to conquer everything!!!! Well there was only one thing I was not able to do which we (bf & I ) decided we had to place our house search on hold till i went on winter break other then that i was able to finish all my papers and exams; doesn't mean i finished ALL my papers and exams just the ones due up to now still missing a final exam, 3 discussions, 1 quiz, and a paper. I was also able to go to my cousins wonderful wedding and have family quality time with them at the Keys. It was great! Following weekend my brothers wonderful wedding which may i add was beautiful!!! Unfortunately my dear bf forgot the camera so no pictures meaning another task for ME get pictures from everyone else. The following week we concluded with the big event of Thanksgiving which was delicious, and fun.I can go into details about everything but i will be writing here for a good week. So i will refrain from everyone getting bored. After all those things i decided that the best way to use my weekend off from school and homework was to spend some quality time with my brother, sister-in-law and bf which ended up being the best weekend ever! I was very happy that i was able to spend time with all of them and go shopping, bowling, dinners, and do guitar hero nights plus movie night. I can't wait to do all this again. Oh yea lets not forget bf & i were able to complete the whole Christmas gift list and finalize our Christmas vacation. YUP Chris' dad, step-mom and brother were all nice enough to buy us tickets to join them in Peru for the holidays. So off we go to Peru on Christmas day!!! How exciting!!!!!!

Toddles :)